C. I. Casting ware are an industrial staple and prove to the ideal choice when it comes to fabrication and subsequent usage of a wide array of machine components such as flywheels and heavy duty pans, where durability, sturdiness and longevity are the most desired features. Thanks to the unique innate charecteristics of cast iron like material versatility and machinability, the wares made from them are known for their superior wear resistance, high casting ability and functional life.

Electrical Transmission Line Goods

Electrical Transmission Line Goods are generally employed for the purpose of suspension of cable bunches on electrical power grids, high tension electrical poles and power transmission lines, and to accomplish them all, usually boast high material strength and corrosion resistance. They come in a variety of forms like connectors, clamps, bottom rails and eye hooks, and are usually fabricated with high care for increased designer accuracy.

Pole Line Clamps

In the list of pole line hardware that form an integral part of the whole power transmission assembly, pole line clamps are particularly important as they execute the all important task of fastening and keeping the other components in place. They are thus made to be long lasting and highly durable, so that they can withstand varying external environmental conditions.

Earthing Materials

Earthing Materials are the equipment that are a part of system in a circuit which serves to connect particular sections of the installation to the ground, which is basically the conductive surface of Earth, for safety and functional purposes. Earthing can be done in a variety of manners using varied tools, which yield different magnitudes of electromagnetic compatibility and safety.


BPL Kits are one of the most well known media used in long distance power line communication and signal transmission systems, and are used in accomplishing a wide array of tasks like data transmission as well as power distribution. They are usually made up of a sturdy polycarbonate body, that not only helps in achieving the goal of insulation and water proofing, but also higher functional life.

Tension & Suspension Hardware Fitting

Tension & Suspension Hardware Fittings are devices that are used in high stress systems and installations for adjusting the tension and length of the extensions that are connected to their opposite ends by means of necessary fastening wares like bolts. They are made of high tensile strength materials that are capable of withstanding high stress and manage strain related factors and variables with ease.

Galvanized Structures

Galvanized wares are those that have been covered in a protective layer of Zinc, that has been applied by a variety of methods with the most prominent one being hot dip Galvanization, which involve submerging parts in a molten zinc bath. The primary objective of galvanization is protection, which is why Galvanized Structures are known to be more resilient to agents of corrosion, which makes them an ideal choice to be used in building framework and furniture.

Transmission Line Hardwares

Transmission Line Hardware are the devices and wares that are used in the electrical assemblies that are designated the task of transmitting signals, primarily in the form of electrical signals, in addition to making antenna and receiver connections as well as network connections. They ought to have high insulation variables, long lasting build and effective design to deliver on the promises of high performance.

Aerial Bunched Cable Accessories

Aerial Bunched Cable Accessories are special type of wares that are designed to perform the task of electricity transmission of high magnitude, and accomplish the same by minimizing the power losses during the transmission process. Safety and long functional life are the core requisites that ought to be squeezed from these wares, and as such, not only are they made from high quality materials, but are also exhibit superior dimensional accuracy.

V Cross Arm

V Cross Arms are major part of the electrical transmission systems and are among the most prominent transmission line hardware products, primarily being employed tot support and serve as harness for the running live cable lines. They are made from high quality materials that not only possess superior strength, but are also resistant to the forces of corrosion, being capable of withstanding changing atmospheric conditions and serving for longer span of time.

Galvanized Fasteners

Our Galvanized Fasteners contains galvanized pins, nuts, bolts, which are processed using special equipment. To minimise the occurrence of wet storage stain of galvanized nuts & bolts try to store them under dry, well ventilated conditions. We offered these products to our clients at the best market prices.

Rolling Mill Parts

Rolling Mill Parts, as is clearly signified by the name, are components used in rolling mills, that employ a system of rollers wherein wares are passed by to0 reduce their thickness and provide them a uniform surface profile. They can be of varied designs and material quality depending on the type of mill process being talked about, either hot or cold rolling mechanism.

Water Tank Structure
We are reputed company that manufactures high quality Water Tank Structure for our esteem clients. Our products offers some of the best features beneficial for best usage. Also, it is offered at the best price.
Solar Panel Structure
Solar Panel Structure is highly acknowledged for its corrosion resistance, strong construction, durability and easy maintenance and installation. Ideal for installing photovoltaic sheets in safe and secure manner, it has ability to withstand harsh weather conditions while keeping microcrystalline solar cells intact.

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